Linkedin Content Strategy

LinkedIn Content Strategy

LinkedIn is a business to business social media platform that many small business owners underestimate. The platform has 562 million members, and nearly 39% are engaged enough that they opt to pay for LinkedIn Premium. If you offer business to business services then LinkedIn may offer a unique platform to reach your ideal customer.

Utilizing Social Media Traffic to Capture Leads on Your Website

Utilizing Social Media Traffic to Capture Leads on Your Website

Your social media presence is a powerful lead generation tool with a little strategic planning. Many challenges in utilizing social media traffic to generate leads results from a lack of strategy and unrealistic expectations. 

Whether you have a long-time presence on social media or you are just establishing your profile, try these tips to integrate your social media with your lead generation campaigns.

Types of Content for Small Business

Types of Content for Small Business

Content marketing includes so many options beyond the classic blog post. There are many types of content for small business marketing purposes. Everyone has the technical ability to create engaging content thanks to affordable consumer electronics, programs, and their own creativity. Also, it is easier than ever to find and engage marketing agencies and freelance content creators.

For many brands, the question is not if you should commission content, it is where to focus your resources. The written word, graphics, video, or audio recordings all potentially serve as the basis for your content marketing.

Why Small Businesses Need a Content Strategy

Why Small Businesses Need a Content Strategy

Engaging content brings prospects, leads, and new customers to your business. While some small businesses find success through their blog, others fail to experience tangible results. An effective content strategy can make the difference between successful or unsuccessful content marketing.


These days, there are so many options to create and publish content. An effective content strategy would identify the following:

Why Your Marketing Isn't Working

Why Your Marketing Isn’t Working

When your marketing efforts aren’t generating the results you want, it may be time to re-evaluate what is not working and why. A lot of marketing efforts depend on your business. Are you a large company with a recognized brand trying to expand or a startup trying to gain recognition in an already competitive market? Are you selling a product online? Do you specialize in localized services like landscaping, insurance, real estate or chiropractic care? Are you trying to drive traffic to your website for more views or attract new clients from across the country? Is your goal to fill a yoga class or attract and retain regular massage clients?

Branding Standout

How to get your brand to stand out

There is an old saying “Fortune favors the bold.” Whether it is cold calling new clients, increasing your rates because you know you are worth it, or being honest and authentic, business – and branding – is built on reputation, relationships and putting yourself out there.

So when it comes to getting your brand to stand out, don’t be afraid to be daring, unconventional and reflect your core values. People see honesty, they feel honesty, and they respect honesty. Ultimately, the goal is to make your brand more memorable, sharable and trustworthy.

Why Should I Use An Advertising Agency | Grand Rapids | Muskegon Web Design

Why Should I Use an Advertising Agency?

Some people might think working with an advertising agency is old school, but small, think-outside-the-box agencies like New School offer a variety of services to clients.

It’s worth it to look into the ways an advertising agency can position your business ahead of the competition.

Maybe you’re an engineer with a prototype for a product, a small manufacturing company with a niche market, or even a solo entrepreneur in a creative industry – that doesn’t mean you have the time or have a clue about how to promote your business.

Why Your Company Should be on Social Media

Why Your Company Should be on Social Media

Larger companies have started to see the importance of social media, even hiring full-time social media managers to direct their company’s online efforts, but smaller businesses and solo entrepreneurs may wonder why they need to be on social media or struggle to find the time to devote to promoting their business or latest projects on social media platforms.
Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google+, social media is an easy, effective and low-cost way to market your business online. Here are some of the ways social media marketing can benefit your company:

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